My Services

The term service gets bantered around a lot. I deliver on service! Why? First, I can be a perfectionist. In addition, my survival is not contingent upon my services income. You will find me here, working on your project at any hour of the day.

I have a vast amount of experience with many diverse companies. You can see a more detailed discussion of my background on the About page. I understand the objectives. My management background steers my technical expertise to develop the best product for you.

For every aspect of your project, I bill only for the hours I feel I’m making direct progress. I do this by billing for my time. Then I give you credit for some time I spend on research, testing, thought and simulations. No one else does this.

I go beyond creating the physical website:

For Morgan’s Jewelers, I developed a unique set of programs that would automatically resize, crop and upload their product images. This drastically reduced their administrative time.

At North Country Steak Buffet, I designed a program that runs using their smartphone. It takes their smartphone “dinner setting” picture. Then, after asking a few questions, uploads the picture from their smartphone to their website. Once on the website, it puts the image in the proper website location. Thus, eliminating the need to go to the website with another computer. View their website at

I use my camera to take pictures for your website. I took the pictures in the slideshow on the Home page of the 7 Rivers Surplus Store in Hokah MN And the self-portrait in the header of this page and the picture from my deck on the About page.

At Reinarts Stained Glass Studios, I used the programming language PHP and the database program MySQL. With them, I developed a database of the customers they served. It included the categories of work Reinarts did for them and sequenced it by state and city. The database was output as a PDF file and incorporated into their website. You can see this list as the “Churches We Have Served” at

If you desire, I will purchase a computer for you and set it up.

I will do all the technical components of setting up your website. I will select a host for your website and get a domain name (the www name of your website). I get no kickbacks for doing this. It’s all open. The actual sales will be between you and the vendors. But I will set it up for you and guide you through the process. This puts ownership and control of your website in your hands, not mine. I’m one of a very select few who do it this way. I do it for your protection and to save you money.

I’m a big believer in documentation. You will get the documentation you need to operate your website. If you have people involved, I will train them.

I created my original websites by programming them from scratch. I changed to the CMS (content management system) Joomla several years ago. It takes less time to produce a website developed with a CMS. They also require less effort to maintain.

This website is the first one I developed using the CMS WordPress, the most popular CMS by far.

Today’s waterproof and hyper smooth action cameras give us unparalleled and exciting videos. Advances in internet and computer technology enable us to showcase videos. One example is the header of this website with the GoPro camera marketing video. Drone technology advances using an action camera enable us to produce videos unheard of in recent past. Watch this hyper smooth video taken by a drone inside a factory while it’s flying backward through rows of storage racks (be sure to engage full screen on the lower right) starting at 1:55.

Imagine how you could use this technology in your marketing and sales campaigns.